Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood
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"The Walking Dead" made its bloody return this week, and the hour-long season six mid-season premiere had fans reeling with shock, horror and undeniable fervor. Country megastar Carrie Underwood, too, was giddy with excitement during the post-"Walking Dead" talk show called "The Talking Dead," helmed by personality and fellow dead head Chris Hardwick. During Underwood's appearance, a poll was conducted asking fans to vote if they believed the country singer could survive a zombie apocalypse. Well, the response was an overwhelmingly "no," but Underwood would not take no for an answer. She then defended herself, saying, "I know what you're thinking, but I was born to survive the zombie apocalypse. My husband bought me this survival kit for Christmas. I have a machete. I know how to use it!"

After watching the show, The Rowdy got to thinking about what country stars would make great allies during the end of the world. Take a look at our perfect post-apocalypse team below:

Carrie Underwood

Well, as she says above, she knows how to use a machete, and she is incredibly athletic. She also has a logical way of thinking. All this would be priceless during the end of the world. Underwood is a no-brainer. She's a remixed version of Lori, Sasha and Maggie.

Trace Adkins

He's essentially a giant in boots. His brute strength would certainly be an invaluable asset, which you could never get enough of when handling the dead. Wrap aspects of Morgan, Otis, Bob and Aaron into one.

Blake Shelton

He's a hunter at heart, so he's used to shooting moving targets. His ability to become the "sniper" of the group is essential to survival. He's the Governor before loony tunes took over.

Sam Hunt

You can never have too many strong team members. Think Abraham.

Miranda Lambert

Much like Shelton, she's a hunter, so having more than one sharp-shooter means life or death. Plus, her music is fairly aggressive, so she has the stomach for coping with tragedy and driving toward building a new world. She is the comic version of Andrea.

Chase Rice

He competed on "Survivor"s 21st season (Nicaragua), so he knows a thing or two about living in the wilderness without modern luxuries. He'd also likely be a mighty ally when dealing with cannibals and other evil groups. He's a little bit Shane (with a likely crazy streak) and Tyreese.

Toby Keith

He might be the loose cannon of the group, which could be a good thing. A loose cannon isn't afraid of getting their hands bloody in order to protect the group at all costs. He's a lot like Merle Dixon.


She studied psychology in college. Her knowledge of the human condition would play in an important role during the end of the world. When the group meets new people, she would be able to assess their state of mind and concluded if they could be absorbed into the group or not. She's a remixed version of Deanna, Hershel and Jenner.

Eric Church

He's the born leader of the group. He has enough mystique, too, to intimidate outsiders. He's clearly Rick Grimes, circa Season 6.

Chris Stapleton

He seems like a loyal friend. He could also work well as Church's right hand man, often doing the dirty work to ensure the group's future. Yup, he's Daryl Dixon.