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After completing a short solo tour last year, Korean artist Eric Nam returned with his Honestly 2018 North American Tour. Selling out multiple shows Nam returned to New York City for a two-night show. AXS had the pleasure of attending the second New York show at Irving Plaza and finding out why he is an act you don't want to miss. Here are five reasons you should see Eric Nam live:

1. Eric Nam is an extremely talented crooner

It goes without saying that Eric Nam is a very talented singer. Many of his songs are very catchy and allow Eric to show off his vocal prowess and mastery of adlibs. Being confident in his skills, he does not shy away from singing acapella; which is exactly what he did after receiving requests for songs that were not on the setlist from fans.

2. There are great fan interactions throughout the show

One of the best parts of an Eric Nam show is the short talks he has with his fans while he is on stage. Whether he’s poking fun at himself or making funny commentaries about his fans, the mood is always light and amusing. Even during his songs, he’s always acknowledging the audience with a little wink here and a point there which garners screams from the lucky receivers. During "Good For You," Eric handed out roses as fans frenzied around hoping to obtain one.  

3. Music-wise, there is a little bit of everything

Eric Nam’s sound is all over the place in the best way possible. Although Eric was known for his ballads and easy listening songs, recently his songs have been more upbeat taking influences from dance, r&b, and electric synth sounds. Going from songs like "Interview" where fans effortlessly sang along to songs like his new songs "Potion" and "Honestly" where everyone was jumping and dancing is pretty much the norm of an Eric Nam concert. And despite the varied sounds, the concert still flows smoothly.     

4. Eric Nam has great style – despite what his mom thinks

Donning a dark red velvet jacket embroidered with colorful flowers, ripped jeans, and newly blond hair, Eric was stylishly casual on stage. During one of the breaks, Eric Nam told the story of how his mother disapproved of the drastic change in hair color garnering laughs from the audience. No worries Eric, we thought you looked great.

5. Eric Nam is an inspiration

Being an Asian American artist, Eric Nam has had his own hardships both in Korea and America. Though through talent and determination, he has been able to collaborate with many artists and evolves with his music. Now he is selling out many shows on his tour while still putting out great music, hopefully paving the way for other artists.  

Eric Nam’s Honestly tour continues on,  so make sure you catch him at the next show!

June 28 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX - Trees (Buy Tickets)