5 reasons we love ACM Performer: Eric Church
EricChurchVevo via Youtube

The men of country music are really stepping things up, including Eric Church. He is set to perform at the 2015 ACM Awards. While a performance from Church is highly anticipated by fans, they are also hoping he gets to take home an ACM award. He isn't your typical “country boy” and that is something that appeals to many. These are five reasons we love Eric Church.

He is fan-friendly

Everyone knows that without the fans you have nothing. Eric Church has always been fan-friendly but when he gave a fan a solo performance after a show earlier this year, hearts everywhere melted. Instead of being stuck on himself, Church wants to meet fans and do something nice for them when he can. He understands and appreciates the loyalty of country music fans.

His good looks

Eric Church is a good looking guy. Whether he is dressed up or down, women swoon whenever they see him. The scruffy look is something not everyone can pull off but Church does it effortlessly. Obviously good looks aren't everything, but they sure help!

He mixes it up where music is concerned

You may have noticed that Eric Church's music jumps around. There are country songs, country/rock songs, and a little bit of everything in between. Church enjoys playing around with songs and considers it one of his many assets. When it comes down to it, Eric Church is definitely a little bit rock and roll.


This song is just another reason fans love Eric Church. "Springsteen" charted well and still continues to get airplay, especially in the summer. If you consider yourself a country music fan, you likely know all the words to this song.

He praises other musicians

During his tours, Eric Church has had several opening acts. He talks about how much he enjoys playing with them. Sometimes when artists get too big they often have a one track mind. Church is aware of the talent surrounding him and will embrace and praise it.