5 things you didn't know about Alan Jackson
alanjacksonVevo via Youtube

Country music has plenty of artists, but very few of them can last decades like Alan Jackson. His songs have kept him popular and while he hasn't had anything new in a few years, he is still a fan favorite. Because his career has crossed decades, his fan base is pretty large. There are several fans who call themselves Alan Jackson's "biggest fans," but they don't know everything about him. These are five things that even his biggest fans likely didn't know.

His drink of choice is Jack Daniels

Alan Jackson doesn't strike anyone as the drinking type. While he isn't a huge drinker, he does sip Jack Daniels while he is writing his songs. In fact, he has attributed sipping on the drink to several of his hits. There hasn't been a song about Jack Daniels yet, but there may be in the future.

He prefers sad songs

When given the choice to write a sad song or an upbeat song, Alan Jackson prefers the sad ones. He enjoys touching people and giving them something to relate to, especially when dealing with the tough life events. “Sissy's Song” is still one of his favorites today.

He appeared on an episode of “Matlock”

The early 90s were full of memorable television shows. Alan Jackson appeared on “Matlock” as a country singer in 1992. While it was a very bit part, many of his fans have recognized him in reruns. Jackson is definitely not an acting guru but he has also made several cameo appearances on different shows throughout his over 20 years in the country music business.

He was poor as a child

While Alan Jackson's dad had a job, they didn't have even the basic necessities sometimes. Jackson talks about living in what once was a shed with his family. There was no running water, and he just believed that was how life was. Eventually things got better and the family was able to move, but he remembers his humble beginnings for sure.

Chocolate is his weakness

If you are looking for a way to Alan Jackson's heart, chocolate is the way to get there. With virtually anything available to him, he still chooses what he loved as a child. Chocolate holds fond memories, and it still is one of his favorite things today.