5 things you didn't know about the 'Jackie' musical score
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Mica Levi is nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Original Score category for her work on the Jacqueline Kennedy biographical film "Jackie." But how much do you know about the music of "Jackie" and what went into earning that nomination? AXS has compiled five things you may not know about Mica Levi's work on "Jackie" so you can understand more about it before Hollywood's biggest night.

1) It was only Levi's second film score

Mica Levi isn't a full-time composer by trade; she's a musician, and "Jackie" was only the second time she'd ever been asked to score a movie. The first time was three years earlier when she provided the music for the Scarlett Johansson film "Under The Skin." To earn an Academy Award nomination in just her second time out, especially when she hadn't been working in the field for years, is pretty impressive!

2) She met "Jackie's" director on a film festival jury

Levi's work on "Jackie" came about through the film's director Pablo Larrain. He heard her work on "Under The Skin" at the Venice Film Festival in 2013 and was reportedly insistent that it deserved recognition. Four years later, here the two are working together on another project - and possibly claiming a statuette for Best Original Score if the Oscar ceremony goes their way.

3) Levi is the third woman to earn a Best Original Score nomination

Would you believe that of all the composers out there, only three women have been Oscar nominees in the Best Original Score category since 1934? Levi joins Rachel Portman (a three-time nominee best known for her work on Gwyneth Paltrow's "Emma") and Anne Dudley (for composing "The Full Monty"). Both Portman and Dudley have won Academy Awards, so if Levi takes the trophy she will join a rarefied club indeed.

4) Almost a quarter of the album is under a minute

Music fans know that not all the pieces from a score can make it onto an album. In the case of Jackie, there are 14 tracks on what became Jackie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. But what's interesting is that three of those ("Car," "Tears" and "Decision Made") are under a minute long. Talk about getting to the point!

5) The most popular song is the first one

Most film scores develop their sound as they go on, culminating in some impressive theme that plays over the closing credits and has us all rushing out to iTunes. Mica Levi's work on "Jackie" was the exact opposite. According to the record's iTunes listing, the most popular song on the album is "Intro" followed by the tenth track "Vanity." Clearly, Levi did things differently in making this score - including not wasting any time bringing out her best work.

The 89th Academy Awards will take place Feb. 26 from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Jimmy Kimmel hosts and the awards will be broadcast nationally on ABC.

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