Alan Jackson shares details about his new album ‘Angels and Alcohol’
Alan Jackson VEVO/YouTube

Alan Jackson is sharing details about his upcoming album Angels and Alcohol, and he explains the meaning of the name. He considers his wife, Denise, to be the angel while he is the alcohol. The new album was released on July 17 and will include 10 songs from the star. The album shares its name with one of the songs, and it has special meaning for him.

Jackson explains that he wrote seven of the songs on the new album and prefers to write alone. It started as a necessity because of his work and travel schedule, but it quickly became a habit. However, the country music star admits that his large collection of released songs is hard to remember. He shares that he sometimes forgets the lyrics to his own songs.

Jackson has already released “Jim and Jack and Hank,” and it has a connection to alcohol similar to the other songs on the album. Another song on the Angels and Alcohol album is titled “Mexico, Tequila and Me.” Jackson admits that Jack Daniel’s has been his companion while he worked on previous songs. Keith Stegall was the producer for this album and has worked with Jackson in the past. Many of the songs are being described as moving country ballads that fit classic expectations of the genre.

In a recent interview, Jackson reveals that he is simply following the advice of George Jones who recommended that he “keep it country.” He believes his songs about love, relationships, drinking and other topics are staying true to his country roots. He also shares that he sometimes gets ideas for his songs in unusual places. He has come up with song ideas and melodies while driving or doing other tasks. Jackson prefers to stick with simplicity for his topics, and his fans embrace the star’s ability to take a straightforward topic and make it special.