Alan Jackson talks inspiration behind 'You Can Always Come Home'

Alan Jackson's song "You Can Always Come Home" is a great song and now the singer is speaking out about the inspiration behind this one. On Friday, Taste of Country went to their YouTube page to share what Alan had to say about this song. This song all came from advice that Alan's father gave him.

Jackson shared that his dad never said much. The idea of the song came after his first daughter graduated and moved off to college. When he came to Nashville, he didn't know anyone at all. His dad was a man of few words, but he did say one thing to Jackson that stuck with him forever. His dad told him "You can always come home"

Alan's dad did not discourage him during this move though and supported him all the way. He just made sure that he knew the option to come back home if it didn't work out was there for him. Jackson talks about how it is true that you will always take care of your kids no matter what and that is their safety net. He wrote the song when his daughter left for college.

This traditional type of country is what brings fan back to Alan Jackson. No matter how much country music changes, he has not changed his ways and continues to sing the stuff his fans are used to hearing from him. "You Can Always Come Home" is the music that his fans love from him.

Jackson went to his Twitter to share that his new album Angels and Alcohol just came out. He has been going out and hitting up various talk shows to promote the album with performances. If you are a fan of Alan Jackson, you will want to make sure you pick up this album.