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Lovett or Leave It is a weekly podcast that marries the entertainment and humor of a variety show with the substance and information of a Sunday Show. It is helmed by Jon Lovett, Pod Save America co-host and a "straight shooter" who previously served as a speechwriter to President Obama and then-Senator Hillary Clinton. Each week, Lovett breaks down the week’s news with a rotating panel of comedians, journalists, activists, elected officials and other Friends of the Pod. Lovett or Leave It is Crooked Media’s only podcast that is recorded in front of a live audience every week, which Lovett demanded to fulfill the applause quota in his contract. The show also provides an interactive experience where audience members participate in games and segments in real-time. The show concludes with a few spins of the "Rant Wheel" in order to find out which blood-boiling topic the panel will create a diatribe about on the fly. Lovett’s unique skill set and credibility in comedy and politics, combined with the rotating panel of sharp and funny guests, provides the audience with a space where they can laugh at the overwhelming absurdity of the news cycle. 

 Featured in: The Guardian, The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, CNN’s Reliable Sources, Salon, and Wired. 

Prominent Guests: Actor Kumail Nanjiani, Actor Ike Barinholtz, Larry Wilmore, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, Co-Creator of The Chapelle Show Neal Brennan, Creator of The Office Stephen Merchant, Congressman and Senate Candidate Beto O’Rourke, Fox Sports host Katie Nolan, comedian Aparna Nancherla, comedian Hari Kondabolu, Net Neutrality expert Tim Wu, Chuck D., Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, and more. 

Audience Size: Lovett or Leave It averages 600k listens per episode. 


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