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Opening for Black Veil Brides was Drama Club, a D.J. duo that played electro house / shock pop music. The twins, Zero and Andromeda worked the crowd to a feverish pitch. Everyone was moving and jumping about like they drank way to many energy drinks on the way to the show.

Playing second, Set It Off took the stage with reckless abandon. Playing like they were shot straight out of a cannon, they held nothing back. The guitarist, Dan Clermont moved with so much power that he spun himself right off his feet at one point. He attempted a jump spin but tripped over the drum microphone junction box and fell backwards into their backdrop but recovered in a split second without missing a note on the guitar. The look on his face was one of 'I had this planned all along'. The singer, Cody Carson left the stage multiple times standing on the barrier for the photographer pit. The lead singer proceeded to crowd surf and was held up by unwavering will of the fans as he stood high above crowd. He promptly ended it screaming "trust fall!" into the microphone and fell backwards onto the crowd. After their set both singer and bass player could be seen walking through the crowd interacting with fans and selling band Merchandise.

Falling in Reverse drummer was perched high on top of a wall with his kit being lit from inside with multiple changing color lights. As they were rushed the stage the dry ice smokers exploded smoke up into the air. Fans started what would be a repeat behavior of singing non stop, with the entire band stopping for a 5-10 seconds to hear the chorus of girls singing at the top of voice. The crowd was very energetic and could be seen pushing and shoving trying to work their way towards the front. It was so bad at one point that Falling in Reverse stopped in mid-song to address the crowd. As the Showbox staff assisted a few fans from the front row who were being smashed, the vocalist Ronnie Radke asked if she was okay. When Falling in Reverse continued playing the crowd erupted with an approval cheer.

Black Veil Brides finally took the stage with screaming and shouting "We want Black Veil Brides" had amassed the venue echoing from wall to wall. The lights were off and the intro music started as Black Veil Brides rushed in. Wielding wireless microphones headsets the band was unrestricted to roam the entire stage without being tied down to a microphone stand. It must be something special to hear the fans singing almost every song back at you while you play. This was a recurring event thought out their entire set. From the drummer to the singer, even member pulled their weight and played a near perfect set. Harmonies were stop on, drums tied evening together with precision rhythms. Closing the night out with the award winning song 'In the End' was just icing on the cake for the performance Black Veil Brides put on in Seattle. As the fans left the stage there was not a frown to be seen. They were given their money worth that night. Fans alike will be anticipating their return next year, hopefully.