Book Review: Tim & Eric's 'Zone Theory' will change your life
Tim and Eric

For years, Tim & Eric (Tim Nagrume Heidecker and Eric Sharm Wareheim) have improved people's lives by sharing laughter in the form of their shrewd, yet silly comedy series including “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” and “Tom Goes to the Mayor.” Now, these two innovators are sharing their secrets to achieving a perfect life with their new, seven-step plan, “Zone Theory.”

At the start of Tim & Eric's new self-improvement book, a disclaimer appears advising anyone who is not a man or will not be a man soon to destroy the book immediately. Throwing caution to the wind, I continued on, like a moth to a brightly colored light, in hopes to get a glimpse at what a perfect life could be – and boy am I happy I did.

Friendship, Family, Business, Love, Health, Poems and Food comprise the seven zones that are at the core of “Zone Theory.” Aligning these elements of your life – through a special technique discussed later in the book – is the key to reaching the ultimate plane of existence, Zone Eight. Although I could not participate in all of the recommended activities in the book, I have already found clarity and happiness through methods like communicating with diarrhea and engaging in adult horseplay.

Tim & Eric were first introduced to “Zone Theory” by Turkey Man, Ba'hee Nodaramoo Priss Dimmie, and now, like religious founders, L. Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith, Tim & Eric are preaching a new spiritual movement for our modern times. The gurus know that they will face critics and they address that from the outset, warning readers of toxic “discards.” Encountering these types can be intimidating, but Tim & Eric provide helpful scripts for disconnecting with disapproving family members and tips for finding new Zone parents, friends and spouses.

Motivational posters, songs and quizzes are some of the tools provided throughout “Zone Theory” as readers make their way through the seven steps. There are also reminders to weigh your brain to track your progress and places to transcribe mind-cluttering poems. A handy terminology breakdown is also available to help readers process new words and phrases like Dkrunnos (salted apples), Tonamona (six-string bass) and Ibbo (brain surgery).

If you are a self-described “moan-man” who weeps himself to sleep every night, “Zone Theory” guarantees happiness and wish fulfillment. I only wish that I was born a boy so that I could become healthy, happy and confident like “Zone Theory” advocates Aziz Ansari, David Cross and Marc Maron.

“Zone Theory” by Tim & Eric will be released via Grand Central Publishing on July 7. Click here to pre-order your copy and stop by Wallplay in New York on July 7 and the West Hollywood Public Library in California on July 8 to participate in an interactive healing event and book signing.

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