Borderlands debut 'Voice Of The Voiceless'
High Road Publicity

Portuguese progressive metalcore outfit Borderlands have released their debut album Voice Of The Voiceless, which features single "Children Of The Sun". Voice Of The Voiceless was mixed and mastered by Nicolas Delestrade, who has worked with several metalcore artists including Betraying The Martyrs and Novelists. The new album follows up on their EP Awaken Dreamers which was released in the fall of 2012.

Formed in Lisbon in 2012, Borderlands is for fans of bands like Erra, Invent, Animate and Northlane. The members of Borderlands are breaking the boundaries that define progressive metalcore with dark, intense music that still manages to keep its aggressive feel.

The Voice Of The Voiceless album opens with a variety of voices speaking about the suffering in a dystopian society that then explodes into a mash of distorted guitar riffs and into the first aggressive track, "Children Of The Storm".

"Children Of The Storm" is a very in-your-face song until things slow down for a time before blowing back into the rage-filled metal. The transitions on the first track give a preview of what is to come on the rest of the album as the band continually surprises with a wide variety of tempo changes and breakdowns as vocalist Rui Martins' growls move from high to low and back to high again. The various transitions make the album one that needs to be listened to over and over to pick up on all of the many intricate details throughout each song.

Songs "Essencia" and first single "Children Of The Sun" both stand out for their fantastic mood shifts that create a melodic ambience that captures the attention of the listener and takes them through a roller-coaster of emotions. The band has released a video for "Children Of The Sun", which mixes band performance with animation that helps the band visually present the dysfunctional dystopia brought forth on the album.

With all of the different components on the album, there should be a little something for all metal fans to enjoy. Voice Of The Voiceless is definitely worth picking up.

Borderlands is vocalist Martins, guitarists Yuri José and Hugo Capelo, drummer Cristóvão "Kiki" Monteiro and bassist Gonçalo Beco.

The band will be holding a album release show in Lisbon on Friday, July 15 at Popular Alvalade. Above The Hate, Forbidden To Fly and Fortune Teller will also be playing.