Interview with Death Lullaby
Interview with Death Lullaby
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Death Lullaby is a heavy metal band that hails from Canada. Members of the band are Simon Crow singing lead vocals, Julien Bournival on guitars, Yoan Marier-Proulx on guitars, Francis Bilodeau plays Bass, and Kevin Alexander is the drummer.

They are supporting their new album Wormz and I had a chance to speak with the bands drummer, Kevin Alexander, about the band, their new album and what they are up to next for AXS.

Death Lullaby Interview

AXS: Tell me a little bit about your band....where you are from for fans that don't know and who is in the band and how long you have been together?

KS: We are a band from Montreal, Quebec. It consists of me (Kevin Alexander), Sim Crow, Julien Bournival, Yoan Marier-Proulx, and Francis Bilodeau! We've been together for 6 years.

AXS: I love your band did you come up with the name?

KS: The name was decided before the remaining members were in the band. The name goes way back from 2009. Ultimately, it means the soundtrack to your Death", spooky.

AXS: Your new album is called "Wormz" and you worked with Chris Donaldson at the Grid in Montreal ? How was working with Chris and where tell me more about the acclaimed studio you got to record in ? Did you write all your own music for the album?

KS: We definitely wrote all of our music for the album! Always. Working with Chris is always a breeze, the man is a machine. He put himself in the band's head and made the album sound EXACTLY how we'd imagined it to be. All around great & welcoming dude, he really knows what he's doing. You can hear him play a guest solo on the track "Anachrony", actually.

AXS: You had some special guest appearances on the album that metal fans will love? Can that tell me how those came about and who they were with ?

KS: As previously mentioned, Chris Donaldson did a solo on Anachrony, and so did Dan Mongrain from Voivod/Martyr. Our guitarist Julien studied music and Mongrain was one of his teachers. He naturally gave him a call and agreed to play on our record! Where can fans find your music ? (iTunes etc?)

Google Play:

AXS: You will be playing the CrushDownFest 2016? Do you enjoy playing festivals? You played your first festival Hellfest in you feel like you have learned a lot about touring and playing festivals since then?

KS: Yes, CrushYourFest was a great turnout ! Festivals are the best kind of shows. Great vibe with a bunch of great bands, just an overall good time. The beauty of it is just not being stressed out with time constraints. You have the whole day to setup and just spend time in the sun and enjoy the atmosphere, contrary to regular shows. We have done many tours and festivals since Hellfest 2012, so yes, we've learned a lot and got tighter as a unit. With so little time to load, setup, play and unload back again, it can get really ugly sometimes. It's super important to have a team that knows when to work, and knows when to party, or talk to fans.
The festival highlights for us is definitely Heavy MTL and Rockfest 2013. Those we're beyond amazing shows, and met the most amazing people.

AXS: Can we expect to see you touring in the USA any time soon?

KS: We cannot reveal any information yet but let's just say I'm getting ready to finally try the infamous Popeye's chicken. And White Castle.

AXS: Who have some of your biggest musical influences been?

KS: Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, Chimaira, Lamb Of God.

AXS: If you could go on tour with anyone --who would it be?

KS: Motley Crue.

AXS: Just a fun question ....What kind of music are you listening to currently on your iPod or stereo?

KS: Steel Panther, Stray From The Path, Nas, Destrage, Hacktivist, Skrillex, Rage Against The Machine, Periphery, Snoop Dogg, TesseracT, The Zenith Passage, They Art is Murder, Ice Cube.

AXS: It was a pleasure learning more about your band and listening to the new album! Thank you so much!!

KS: Thank you for having us ! Spread the word ;) and stay tuned for some news:

Check out the bands website and Facebook page for all the latest tour dates and band information.