Eric Church live delivers rugged energetic musicianship

Cutting edge country musician Eric Church combines an eclectic array of sounds to create music that declares a purpose with an attitude that won’t back down. Audiences enjoy more than mere entertainment, but they know the performance is a source of strength that comes from being knocked down and refusing to stay there.

He brings his all to his live shows, and he is a force to be reckoned with backed up by a band that accentuates the spirit he attempts to achieve. Eric Church’s live performances offer a rugged energy that audience members seem to be able to feel in the air. He takes the stage wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses that have become his signature look and captivates fans with an uprising level of a mix of strength, rebel and musicianship.

Though, he calls his fans the “Church Choir”, don’t mistake his music with the kind you sing on Sunday morning. Known as more of a newcomer stubbornly breaking all tried and true rules while testing the traditional country music limits, Eric Church has come onto the Country music scene with gusto. He doesn’t intend on backing down anytime soon, either, as he presses on to create one musical masterpiece after another.

Music is a universal language that cuts through stereotypes and barriers. When music expresses a shared emotion, people listen. Country music has a long-standing reputation that comes with a specific set of rules, but a few musicians break through the stereotype with restless energy of what is often looked at as an unconventional upstart.

His daring career took off in 2006 with Sinners Like Me and has since earned him a CMA and ACM Album of the Year award. He’s now a multi-platinum superstar of country music. His fourth album, The Outsiders debuted on the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Top Country Album charts at Number One.

Born in a part of North Carolina that is known for creating furniture, he has relentlessly sculpted his expressive and sometimes exotic guitar work and compelling songwriting abilities. He has combined his talents to build his own musical career.

Fans have seen him perform live on Austin City Limits and on the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Regardless of where or how often you’ve seen him perform, audiences know that Eric Church will make them feel as if they are just as important as the band on stage.

Eric Church is a bundle of edgy and energetic music that challenges the norm while taking the listener on a continuous new thrill. He is a country music singer and songwriter, though some may see him as a rebel with talent who knows how to translate depth of emotion into song.

The sound that drives Eric Church is pulled from a variety of influences and genres such as heavy metal, classic rock, and of course, country. His music expresses versatility with a rugged passion.

Eric Church live offers an energetic experience like no other. He has long worked with producer Jay Joyce, and is signed with EMI Records in Nashville. Church is again ready to captivate new audiences live. Learn more and buy tickets to the next Eric Church event on