Exclusive premiere: FADL debuts 'The Other Side'
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Hip-hop and rap recording artist, FADL, is a Dubai born-and-raised recording artist. Having been recording music since the age of 15, his first project began in 2008 with New Chapter, and he subsequently performed a London debut. He received many positive accolades and a new legion of fans and artists who wanted to work with him. FADL trained further in the music industry, developing his voice, and delving into other music genres. Shortly after he released his third album, Neverland. Within a short time of the release, FADL's music had his first radio debut of the full-tape of Neverland in September 2014. 

Having success in the Middle East and in London, FADL made his debut into the United States music market, and worked with producers and other artists in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. His newest and latest project, Out Of The Box, was released in the fall of 2016. This project features Atlanta-based artist, OG Maco, Dubai-local Tiny, production by Don Fuego, who's worked with FADL for a long time, developing his sound. FADL worked with director and photographer Ivan Berrios while in Miami, whose work with We The Best Music Group members DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, and many others, he's known for. Music videos for “The Chase” and “Elevated" were released along with the Out Of The Box project, which were followed by a video for “New Age.”

In 2017 alone, FADL has released his third single, "Moneyman," featuring Ace Hood, on his upcoming project The Other Side, featuring So Nikk, Julie Zorrilla, and Julian LaMadrid.

FADL, in an exclusive statement for AXS, states that he's "been working hard this year to put out as much music as I can and this is a project that shows two different sides of me. One being more emotionally connected on tracks like, 'She Down,' 'FLIAR,' and 'A Lot To Love.' While I'm much more raw and it's more rap and hip hip when it comes to tracks such as 'Wire That Gree,' 'Moneyman,' and 'Our Year.' I know you'll like it."

Additionally, there will be two music videos from his album, The Other Side project, which will be revealed soon.

Stay updated with all things FADL, by checking out his website here, and connect with him on his socials on Facebook and Twitter.