Five must-see acts at Festival Supreme 2015

It's that time of year again. The magical time when music and comedy converge at the Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds in Los Angeles for Tenacious D's epic party known as Festival Supreme. This year's edition, which takes place on Saturday, Oct. 10, features some of the most talented people in the entertainment business, including Bill Burr, Tig Notaro, Die Antwoord, Henry Rollins and many more.

With so much enjoyment packed into one day, conflicts undoubtedly occur. In order to help you sort through the schedule, AXS put together five acts that are performing certified must-see sets at Festival Supreme 2015.

Kids in the Hall

When The Kids in the Hall close out the Karma Chameleon Stage on Saturday night, fans will be treated to some of the finest sketch comedy known to man. “It's gonna be a slightly shorter version of the tour we just did,” founding member Kevin McDonald said in an AXS interview. “What that means is it's gonna be half completely new things and half older TV things, so we are trying to please everybody, which we've never done before. God bless us we're artists!”

Neil Hamburger

Neil Hamburger is one of the hardest working men in comedy. Performing nearly 400 shows a year all around the world, America's Funnyman consistently sets up audiences with clever jokes before knocking them out with hilarious punchlines. Don't miss his 4:30 p.m. set at this year's Festival Supreme.

The Darkness

The Darkness have a reputation for putting on unforgettable live shows thanks to their members' impressive musicianship and their flare for theatrics. Unlike Festival Supreme's founders, Tenacious D, The Darkness aren't a comedy band, but their clever nods to the glory days of glam provide an added level of entertainment and fun that will surely be present during their 8:30 p.m. Stagezilla set.

Kristen Schaal

Everyone loves Kristen Schaal from her scene-stealing roles on hilarious shows like “The Last Man on Earth, “Flight of the Conchords” and “Bob's Burgers,” but she is even more compelling when left to her own devices on the stand-up stage. Quirky, silly and extremely funny, Schaal is sure to generate lots of laughs during her 7:40 p.m. Festival Supreme set.

Tenacious D

What would Festival Supreme be without Tenacious D? Probably nothing, since they are the masterminds behind the creation of this day-long celebration of music and comedy. During this year's festival, The D are making their set extra-special by boogieing down with a rare jazz set. Head over to the Jesus Lizard Lounge at 8 p.m. to experience those crazy cats, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, break down their hits into solid jazzy jams.

Festival Supreme takes place on Oct. 10 at the Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds in Los Angeles. Click here to pick-up tickets to the event and keep reading AXS for more comedy news, reviews and tour announcements.