Five things you didn't know about Eric Church

Eric Church is a huge country star, but he is also a very quiet man. He doesn't always share about his personal life with the world. If you want to find out about Church, here are five things you might not know about him.

  1. Early in his career, Church upset Rascal Flatts. They actually gave the country singer four chances before firing him from their tour. He was playing too long as their opener and refused to listen when they told him to stop. Taylor Swift actually replaced him on the tour after he got fired by them. You get charged for going over on your time in some big venues, but Church just kept playing anyway.
  2. Ever since Eric Church upset the group he has carried around a list of everyone that held him back. His song "Drink in My Hand" was his first #1 song and that list has everyone on it that held him back up until he got his song to hit #1.
  3. Back in high school, he was really into sports. He did baseball, golf, basketball and even football. Eric Church injured his knee though and hit kept him from having a chance to play football in college like he wanted to do. If this had worked out, you never know if Church would have ended up being a country singer. He seems to be great at everything he does.
  4. For a long time, Eric Church was banished from country bars. They thought he was a rebel and didn't want him in there to play. Of course with several number one songs he has moved past that and things are going great in his career.
  5. Even though most fans know Eric Church as a country artist, he does do a bit of cross-over. He even played Lollapalooza and Metallica personally picked Church up to play on their inaugural Orion Music Festival. He is still considered country though.

Eric Church is now headlining tours all over the United States. If you have not seen him in concert before, this is one that you will want to check out for sure.