Get to know a 2015 Coachella band: Circa Survive

Circa Survive is an indie rock band formed in Philadelphia in 2004. The band members are from other bands called Saosin, Taken, and This Day Forward. They are Anthony Green in vocals, Collin Frangicetto on guitars, Brendan Ekstrom on guitars, Nick Beard on bass guitar, and Steve Clifford on drums.

The band currently has five studio albums from 2005 to 2014, but made the scene with their first two, Jutuma in 2005 and On Letting Go in 2007. In those two years, the band hit the indie rock scene and hit it hard.

The band was formed when Green decided to leave his former band Saosin from California. He left primarily because he was always homesick despite being close to success.

In Philadelphia, Green got together with friend Frandicetto. He met his guitarist while Green came from Cali to visit his girlfriend and attend dentist appointment. During his flight back, Green had a layover in Phoenix and decided to quit California and go back home to Philly.

Frandicetto and Green began recording and started the band Circa Survive. The other band members also came from disbanded bands and decide to join forces with Green and Frandicetto.

The first album Jutuma was released through MySpace in November 2004 and was picked up by Equal Vision Records. The band claims influences from Paul Simon, dredg, and Bjork.

Green has been described with a soft voice, very melodic at the same time. The band has been categorized as alternative rock, progressive rock, post-hardcore, and experimental rock on top of indie rock through their five studio albums.

The band will play at the 2015 Coachella Festive for the second weekend of April 17 and 19. The band should be a good addition to the festival pleasing all rock listeners for both nights that Circa Survive will be playing.