Homeshake experiments on latest album and debuts new music video for ‘every single thing’

Periodically when a former member from a popular band decides to break ties in order to pursue solo endeavors, the results are sometimes met with mixed reactions.

Fortunately, for Peter Sagar, the former guitarist for Mac Demarco’s band, the output of Sagar’s self-released material has been positively received by fans and critics of Mac’s praised, tender indie rock. Shortly after leaving Mac’s band in 2013, Sagar began dropping music under the moniker Homeshake, with some initial mixtapes that were quickly followed with three full-length projects. His latest effort, Fresh Air, marks a change of pace for the laid back indie rocker, whose earliest efforts displayed a focus on guitar driven, mellow grooves that had a chill vibe.

Fresh Air keeps some of the original stylistic elements that made Homeshake’s first two albums so accessible while experimenting with something new entirely. The album presents an emphasis on synth driven, rhythm and blues and Hip Hop inspired musical ideas layered over Sagar’s signature falsetto crooning and sparse guitar noodling. The release of the album in the beginning of February was paired with the announcement of an extensive international tour and a music video for the albums single, “Every single thing.” The video, which features a couple dancing next to a park bench in a suburban slum in Taipei serves as a fitting premise for the catchy track. The music video has a simplistic charm to it. The entirety is shot in one dimly lit location with the couple showcasing their dance moves that impressively mirror the beat of the song. The video opens with a man sitting quietly on a park bench under a tree next to a little white dog when a woman enters the shot cueing the couples tango.

The dancers, Wen hao Chang and Ninghan, come across as casual city residents who happen to cross each others path until the two lock in step and spark the real spectacle. The choreography does a fantastic job of connecting with the overall mood of the song aided by the expressive dance moves. As the couple strut to the groove, the dog patiently watches their every move adding an element of nuance to the music videos overall aesthetic. Ultimately, the video serves as a relevant snapshot of what Fresh Air has to offer for new listeners and longtime fans of Homeshake. It alludes to an overall danceable, groovy and unique project that is as emotive as it is festive. Homeshake will be embarking on a world tour beginning March 23. Stay tuned on the latest Homeshake news, concert dates, and festival coverage by visiting or checking out the bands Facebook page or Bandcamp.