How to stay safe at CMA Music Festival
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The CMA Music Festival is being held in Nashville, Tennessee June 9-12, 2016. The festival is a four day event that takes place on the streets of Nashville and in the Nissan Stadium. About 87,000 fans of Country Music attend the event, that features entertainment on 11 stages. Festival headliners include Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Jason Aldean and more.

There is a huge crowd and a lot of activity at the CMA Music Festival in the heart of Nashville. While having a good time at the festival, it is important to act wisely to stay safe. Following are some safety tips for the festival.

Study the map of the festival grounds before you go and after you arrive. Locate the First Aid stations where medical and security personnel are ready to help in case of emergency. The medical stations are at the Nissan Stadium northeast corners near sections 141 and 106, Riverfront Stage outside the main gate, Walk of Fame Park across from Hall of Fame, and Fan Fair X (Music City Center) on the third floor. You can also find a staff member wearing an Event Staff shirt.

Wear sunscreen to protect skin from the sun. Apply the sunscreen before going to the festival and reapply every during the day. Wear light clothes that provide protection from the sun and heat. Wear a sunhat or a hat with a brim to protect your face and eyes.

If you are attending with a group, try to stay with them because there is safety in numbers. Keep an eye out for friends and others who may need assistance. If someone seems to be in distress, notify a staff member or take them to one of the First Aid Stations.

Be alert to people and situations surrounding you. If a person or situation makes you feel uncomfortable, it might be an intuition. Avoid being in an uncomfortable position because you are there to have fun.

Do not accept food or beverages from strangers. Unfortunately, date rape is a real thing, so do not drink anything that might have been drugged. Do not leave an open drink out where it can be tampered with by a predator.

Drink water and stay hydrated to keep feeling healthy and energetic. Dehydrations causes head stroke, headaches, dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms that can derail your plans to have fun.

If you drink alcohol, drink with moderation and keep alert. Alcohol is dehydrating, so drink extra water to replenish yourself.

Pace yourself and avoid getting overtired. Read the schedule and decide which acts are most interesting to you. You won't be able to see everything, so make a schedule. Plan some rest stops.

Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes that you can walk in without tripping and getting injured.

Smile and be confident as you walk through the crowd. Predators pick victims who look and act weak.

You are there to have fun, so enjoy the music festival.