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Maria Brink took to the rain-soaked stage at Rock On The Range, and showed that fashion rock truly does exist. The metal band from Los Angeles may not have been familiar to everyone, but the music and costume changes of In This Moment made them a band that no-one would ever forget.

It was early into Saturday evening that In This Moment headed onto the Monster Energy Main Stage, and the fans had already been soaked by the rain. Fans got more than they ever would have bargained for from the band as it was a set of music and excitement.

Songs such as "Whore" blared out over the crowd, and they sang along, but there was so much more.

Throughout their set, which was a little more than an hour, there were constant costume changes. There were also a number of huge props and dancers all over the place that never left your eyes bored.

Should In This Moment have been looking to capture the award for the most dramatic and over-the-top performance of Rock On The Range, they got it.

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