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For Rock On The Range, it's meant to be a festival where fans get a lot of different bands in a rapid-fire mode. Unfortunately, that doesn't always sit well with some people as they want more from their favorite bands. Some bands, such as Ministry, also want more time to do their thing and aren't always happy about it.

Even though they hit the Ernie Ball Stage for the final performance of Saturday night, frontman Al Jourgensen wasn't pleased with only having a 40 minute set. In his words, the festival gave them only "40 minutes to play our best stuff."

Combined with skeletons everywhere, Jourgensen and Ministry rocked out for a full 40 minutes, and a few extra to end the night.

Skeletal figures held up the microphones as stands, a steel skeletal hand appeared out of nowhere, and there was even a strange human and bat combination skeleton at Jourgensen's feet.

Ministry wanted more time, but they knew it was best to stick close to the time allowed at Rock On The Range. They made the most of every single second.

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