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Trey Songz needed no flashy lights of gimmicks to entertain the New Orleans crowd on the opening night of the Essence Festival. Things got off to a rocky start as he performed with a live band and it even made "Slow Motion" come off a bit strange, but he soon got it going his way and even brought forth a special guest.

New Orleans' own Juvenile was brought to the stage and it immediately set the crowd off into a frenzy. He performed his own version of "Slow Motion" which had the crowd singing along and everyone loving every single second of it.

From there, Trey Songz sang "Bottoms Up," "We Can't Be Friends," and "Neighbors Know My Name" just to list a few. Some may have had issues with the way he meshed with the band, but Trey Songz still pulled off a good set that helped kicked off Essence Fest in the right way.

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