Interview: HALFNOISE frontman Zac Farro talks new music, headline tour
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HALFNOISE frontman Zac Farro has lived more lives than many of us - and he's still only in his 20s.

At age fourteen, Farro was one of the co-founders and drummer of indie-rock favorite and one of the biggest bands in the world Paramore. After growing up in a rock band like Paramore, Farro decided to branch out on his own, leaving the band in 2010 in search of his own musical voice and to break away from some of the pitfalls of a young rock star. Farro then created what began as a one-man solo project HALFNOISE, where the budding artist discovered that voice he was searching for, as well as some songwriting chops.

Even with the success and critical acclaim of HALFNOISE, a much wiser and seasoned Farro mended fences with his old bandmates when he recorded a new album and toured with Paramore in 2017. All the while continuing to grow his own band and music.

Now, HALFNOISE (which has swelled to five members) continue their musical evolution with new music. In between his current touring commitments with Paramore, Farro and HALFNOISE recently dropped the single “Flowerss,” and are headlining a string of upcoming live shows.

AXS recently caught up with Zac Farro for a quick chat as HALFNOISE prepared to hit the road and fine-tune their new EP.

AXS: You were part of one of the most successful indie bands (Paramore) around, but you decided to walk away for a bit and create HALFNOISE. What was drawing you to start a new band?

Zac Farro: I wanted to try my hand at writing and making songs of my own. I wasn’t really in the mix with songwriting back then and had always wanted to explore that more. 

AXS: By age 14 you were playing in a band. What music that you listened to as a young musician has most influenced HALFNOISE?

ZF: There are three that were huge for me, The Strokes, The Beatles and Radiohead.

AXS: Nashville is your home these days, which has exploded over the past few years. Has the music scene changed more than the mega-machine that's country music in Nashville?

ZF: The scene is completely different than the one I grew up in here locally - every time I come back from a tour there is a different restaurant or band or new spot in our hood, it's just exploding. With that comes a lot of new artistic energy and influence and I think that's a super positive thing for Nashville right now.

AXS: The new single, “Flowerss” is out right now. What are some of the themes on this new release?

ZF: This EP is definitely more guitar-driven, straightforward, and hits you a bit more immediately. Lyrically and melodically, I worked to stretch myself more than I ever had before.

AXS: You have a string of HALFNOISE live dates coming up. What’s it like playing the new material live?

ZF: It’s incredible, we love it, the songs are connecting already so well, and some of those songs aren’t even out yet. It’s so awesome to see a song connect with a crowd, and I think that’s now influenced me to think about that feeling as we now go in to record. 

AXS: Best live show you ever saw that made you want to get into music?

ZF: Honestly, when I was a kid, I remember just seeing local bands around and musicians playing, and it made me want to do the same, it made me want to play music with my friends.

HALFNOISE hit the road with shows in Southern California in March and an upcoming AXS show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on May 8. More tour dates in Boston, Philadelphia, Nashville, and others to be announced soon.

“Flowerss” is the first single off the band’s latest EP of the same name that is due for release in May.