Jesse Macht announces new music project Race The Tide

Jesse Macht is starting a new adventure as we approach the end of the year. The most underrated singer-songwriter in music announced the formation of Race The Tide on Monday, under which name he'll be recording and performing in the future. The new brand is getting off to a quick start, too, with the official website revealing that the first Race The Tide album is coming to music fans in November.

How is Race The Tide going to be different from Jesse Macht's existing music? For one, it's a collaborative effort; fans can check out a teaser of the upcoming Race The Tide record through the project's Facebook page, which has been documenting its development since this summer. According to the Facebok page, Race The Tide will also draw on a variety of influences, from pop to Americana to even a little bit of electronic ideas. That certainly sounds like one of the most thoughtful artists working today stretching his wings in a new direction - maybe even more than one.

Listeners who have followed Jesse Macht's work in the past will have heard a steady growth in releases. His most recent album, 2013's Suitcase Heart, was instantly appealing and heartbreakingly personal, as he combined nuanced songwriting with the kind of vulnerability every songwriter aspires to communicate. It was one of the best records of the year. So the reveal that Macht's follow-up to that album will be a brand new project, adding in even more fresh elements with which his range will only broaden, is a very pleasant surprise. He's taking a huge step forward, and any music fans who are interested in top-notch songwriters and truly unique sounds will want to be on the lookout for the debut album from Race The Tide.

In the interim, curious listeners can follow the development of the record on Facebook and Twitter, where they can also track any future tour date announcements. You can also check out Jesse Macht's back catalogue on iTunes, to catch up with this talented artist before he turns the page to the next exciting chapter of his career.

For more on Jesse Macht, visit his artist page at AXS.