Lana Del Rey announces she’s free to perform ‘Get Free’ at Lollapalooza Brasil
Joseph Costilla / YouTube

Indie-pop artist Lana Del Rey revealed during her set at Lollapalooza Brasil that she’s free to perform “Get Free.” Following claims of a lawsuit with Radiohead earlier this year, Lana announced it’s “over” before performing the song on March 25.

“Get Free” is one of the songs from Del Rey’s latest album, Lust for Life. It’s a doo-wop-inspired delight where she shakes off the negativity by moving “out of the black into the blue.” Back in January, Lana claimed that Radiohead was going to sue her for copyright for the song allegedly sounding like the band’s 1993 hit “Creep.” Radiohead’s publisher later denied any lawsuit but did mention that they are looking into getting the “Creep” songwriters credited on “Get Free.”

Del Rey stood by her statement of “Get Free” not being inspired by “Creep,” but mentioned any legal proceedings could see her not being able to perform the song and “Free” getting removed from future copies of Lust for Life. Despite that, Lana still sang it at a few stops during the U.S. leg of her L.A. to the Moon Tour. She would change some of the lyrics to dedicate “Free” to fallen pop icons like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.

Before getting into “Get Free” at Lollapalooza Brazil, Del Rey unexpectedly said, “I mean now that my lawsuit’s over I can sing that song anytime I want, right?” Whatever the outcome might’ve been, Lana sounded liberated to be out of the black and into the blue. Del Rey is currently playing music festivals abroad. Radiohead will kick off the North American leg of their world tour in July.