Listen: Hoodie Allen sings the blues on new track 'Know it All'
Hoodie Allen / YouTube

Indie hip-hop star Hoodie Allen released his new song "Know it All" on Sept. 8. He does more singing than usual on the throwback tune.

"Know it All" is one of the songs on Allen's upcoming album, The Hype. He previewed the record last month with lead single "Sushi." The rapper changes it up completely on "Know it All" by singing his heart out.

The production of "Know it All" recalls Motown music vibes with a seemingly sloshed Allen stumbling through a party. In his high time, he reaches an epiphany, singing, "Tell me how can I grow if you're standing on my toes / Because some people think they know it all." Unlike any of his past releases, Hoodie croons his way through "Know" in a bellowing and bluesy performance. Allen turns his anxiousness into one of his most arresting tracks.

"Know it All" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. Allen's The Hype album will be released on Sept. 29. He will tour the country starting next month in support of the record.