Listen: Sophie Simmons releases sharp new single 'Paper Cut'

Sophie Simmons is back with a vengeance, releasing her sharp new single "Paper Cut." You can listen to the single now by playing the video above and purchase the song on iTunes. However you hear it, it's certain to add a bite to pop music playlists this summer.

"Paper Cut" is Sophie Simmons' third release of the year, after she dropped "Burn Me Down" in April, along with that song's accompanying music video, and "Black Mirror." She's also been the featured vocalist on three singles from other artists: "Orbit" with Norwegian producer Rytmeklubben, "Cry Wolf" alongside DOLF and Yellow Claw, and the Kidswaste single "Beautiful Life." That's a lot of music to put out in half a year, so no one can say that Simmons isn't being productive as she continues to develop her career as a pop artist to watch.

Yet while she's racked up plenty of featured artist credits and collaborations, when she's most worth listening to is when she's standing on her own. That's when music fans get the full sense of what Sophie Simmons sounds like and what she's about. Her version of pop music is not like anyone else's idea of pop music; there's a certain darkness and a certain edge to it, with an abundance of confidence behind it. "Paper Cut" lays down an effective beat that belies Simmons' experience working on a number of dance and EDM songs, but lays a sultry, almost jazzy vocal over the top. It's not easy to define, which is what makes it memorable.

And though her vocals are light, her lyrics prove that Simmons is still packing a punch. She sings about a romance that she compares to a paper cut, telling the audience how she loves them but they cause her pain at the same time. While "Paper Cut" sounds relaxing, it's a song that is talking about anything but taking it easy. That contrast between the sound and the meaning adds to its intrigue. Sophie Simmons is getting better with each single, and with no shortage of new music, she should keep pop fans hooked for the foreseeable future.

"Paper Cut" is now available on iTunes. Simmons does not currently have any tour dates announced in support of her new music, but fans who want to keep abreast of future tour announcements can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more on Sophie Simmons, visit her official website.