Guitarist Vincent John has released his first solo single "Shiny Car" which can now be streamed on Spotify.

Guitarist Vincent John has released his first solo single "Shiny Car" which can now be streamed on Spotify.

Louie Kovatch/Courtesy of Clairvoyant PR

Music fans know Vincent John as the guitarist for Lee Fields, but now he's striking out on his own. John has just dropped his solo single "Shiny Car" and you can listen to it right here by playing the embedded audio. You can also stream "Shiny Car" on Spotify and download it on iTunes.

Though his work with Fields and other artists has been in the soul and R&B realm, "Shiny Car" is a single that is more pop and electronic. It's the first new release from John as a solo artist in two years and the follow-up to his 2016 debut EP entitled Never Go Back. That would also be a fitting way to describe his sophomore effort. It sounds like a step forward from that earlier music, with a certain shine worthy of the song's title.

Given the name, it's no surprise that John is singing about hitting the open road, but he has also layered in another level underneath that as his choice of lyrics invites the listener to think about more than just a road trip. What does "Shiny Car" actually mean? It is open to interpretation, which is where the song has its true appeal. Every listener will probably come away with something different.

They'll also appreciate the technical expertise that he's put into the song. There are various little things throughout the song that demonstrate his experience not just as a singer and songwriter, but as a musician. "Shiny Car" feels like a musician wrote it, with music that doesn't overpower the vocals and an arrangement that is more complex than what one would expect from a pop song. It will leave you wanting to continue the journey and luckily audiences will be able to because there's more new music to come.

According to the single's press release, "Shiny Car" is just the first of multiple new songs Vincent John will be releasing this year; rather than waiting to put out an entire sophomore EP, he's going to drop his new music as separate singles throughout the remainder of 2018. It's a different way of putting out new music, but as you'll hear when you play this single, he's a different kind of artist.

Vincent John does not currently have any tour dates scheduled along with his new music, but fans can keep up with future live show announcements through his website, and on Facebook.

For more on Vincent John, visit his official website.