Live review: Los Campesinos! deliver epic performance in third visit to the Mile-High city

For Los Campesinos’s! latest live performance in Denver, the indie pop, Wales based seven piece band proved that good things do occasionally come in threes.

Monday, Feb. 27 marked the band’s third visit to the Mile-High city after more than four years. However, judging from the lively crowd and sense of tranquility radiating from each musician, it seemed as if the ensemble had already positioned themselves as regulars in Denver’s music scene. Los Campesinos! shared the stage with Crying, a three piece indie rock band based out of New York. The trio proved themselves as an uplifting opener and began the night in style, displaying virtuosic musical versatility and creative songwriting that was noticeably admirable for a band that size. Following Crying’s diverse live set list of poppy bangers and hard-hitting rock songs, the audience expanded as the crowd waited for Los Campesinos! to fill the stage.

The moment the seven, clean cut and neatly groomed musicians gathered onto the stage and wielded their instruments, the crowd roared in excitement. As the lights flooded the floor, each member grinned at the crowd as if they had never left the venue from their previous 2012 Bluebird Theater performance. The band opened with ‘As Lucrene/The Low’ pulled from their 2013 album No Blues, which perfectly presented the band’s Twee pop, indie playing style. Even with the amount of time that elapsed from their last tour, every song sounded tight and carefully orchestrated. The band even managed to string together a few surprises with some time changes and improvised musical passages that mixed things up while adding a layer of experimentation. Throughout the night, Los Campesinos! played a few tracks from their new full-length album, Sick Scenes. Two of the recent songs included ‘I Broke Up in Amarante’ and ‘5 Flucloxacillin,’ both of which were dropped as singles and fit appropriately with the rest of the set.

Not every band is capable of interacting with a crowd and creating an engaging connection between themselves as the performer and the rest of the audience. Luckily, Los Campesinos! is not one of those artists. In between every couple of songs, frontman Gareth David, who also goes by his surname Gareth Campesinos!, shared various anecdotes with the crowd. The variety of narratives included shopping experiences at Colfax’s music store, Twist and Shout, and doing laundry for the first time as a band. Each momentary break Gareth took to converse with the audience and express his gratitude seemed wholehearted and genuine.

As the night drew to a close, Los Campesinos! finished off strong, closing with some of their best live material of the entire night. Newly added bassist Matt Campesinos! validated his presence as a member in the song, ‘We are beautiful, We are doomed,’ providing a solid foundation for the song’s wall of sound. As the final notes were played, Los Campesinos! proved themselves as one of the best live acts to see this year. For more information on Los Campesinos! including ticket information, tour dates, music news and more visit or go to their Facebook page.