4More live gets the party going...
4More live gets the party going...
Patrick Keating Photography

When was the last time you went out on the town for some live entertainment? If you haven’t ventured out recently now is the time. Last Saturday night I was lucky enough to be able to experience one of the best sounding party bands on the West coast.

We all have had the experience of going out to a bar and hearing some old cover band play all of the songs we have heard on repeat over and over on the radio every five minutes, and leaving early because the show was so boring. Sometimes it is bad, sometimes is mediocre, but hardly ever fantastic. Until a local top 40 band, 4MORE took the stage at the Swiss in Tacoma. 4MORE is a highly talented and energetic group of real musicians that put their heart and soul into their performances. I thought I was going to pass out just by watching how much energy their performance has. Everything was perfect, from the vocals to the production; they had the audience engaged the whole evening. The crowd this band brings is far beyond any band I have seen in venues like this, they are surely a must see!

4MORE has a very wide array of songs they cover, from Lady Gaga to the Weekend. If you want a band that won't just cover the songs, but blow the original artist out of the water, you want 4MORE. I give them a 10/10 in every aspect of what I consider entertainment professionals.

You can check out the bands schedule on their website and on Facebook.