Eat, drink and music
Eat, drink and music
photo Shea Flynn, courtesy Lollapalooza media

Any guide to the July 28-31 outdoor Lollapalooza festival that does not begin with the heat is not serious enough about your survival. We will get to Radiohead, exceptional food, and advantageous places to put your lawnchair, but for pure life-sustaining guidance, we owe this to you:

Water - Lollapalooza is sensitive to your plight. Not so much that they will return to holding their exceedingly popular festival in a more temperate climate or, say, in the spring. They are, at least, accommodating as it pertains to hydration. Attendees are permitted to bring two bottles of water into the festival, up to 1 liter each. Bottles must be factory sealed, and will be checked. This is for your own good. If you are of a mind to sneak two liters of vodka into the sun-drenched humidor of Grant Park, rather than something that you will need to stave off heat stroke or death, thankfully there are people at every entrance to save you from yourself.

Whether you can be bothered to carry two liters of your own water around, at the very least, bring an empty bottle. Five CamelBak Filling Stations are located throughout the festival grounds. CamelBak knows its audience and has very wisely seized some exceedingly low hanging fruit in sponsoring tanks of probably tap water at the Lollapalooza music festival. Even if you are not a hopeless individual (see Hipster) regular bottles fill up quite easily with the proper application of gravity.

You can also buy water at the event. Keep your bottle and fill it up often; don't throw your money away all day. Horde as much water as you can before posting up at any significant stage. If you even want a chance of seeing J. Cole, Radiohead, even Two Door Cinema Club, you are going to have to wade through thousands of sweaty bodies and endure at least eight hours in the sun, in one place. Either equip yourself with sufficient refreshment or pray the vodka you got in puts you out of your misery.

Charging Stations - what's the point of going to a mega socially-meaningful concert spectacular if you can't post pics at people who aren't there? According to this year's map, there are two device charging stations for every medical tent. If there is any more clear indication that Instagram is more important than life itself, we aren't aware of it.

Food - beyond water and a fully charged smartphone, there is little else one needs to survive Lollapaloooza. If you want to enjoy yourself in any meaningful fashion, we also recommend you eat something. There are a number of spectacular options, for fans of every type of fare. The Windy City is well represented beyond hot dogs and doughy pizza; though you can get that as well if you wish. The return of "Chow Town" means delectable, cultural, culinary masterpiece dishes, each more delicious than than the last, if all too hot to properly enjoy on a Chicago summer afternoon. Seekout Greenridge Farm. If you can't justify a salad, get a sandwich. Perfect park food. With a little spinach and poblano pepper in your system, celebrate guilt-free ice cream and Lana Del Rey consumption well into the night.

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