Ministry: 'Last Tangle In Paris Live 2012' DeFiBrilLaTouR DVD review

The movie starts out like a storm rolling in...

Ministry's figurehead, Al Jourgensen, dressed in full industrial metal regalia and joking about needing a better job, makes his way backstage where he shares stories from his past - like about the night he kicked the Keith Richards and Ron Woods of the Rolling Stones out of his home...

Since their 1981 formation in Chicago, Ministry has become a collected pioneer of sorts for having brought their unique brand of metal into the mainstream. The band's founder, vocalist Al Jourgensen, is known as the "godfather of industrial metal," and has continually challenged any "standards" or stereotypes - and all with a bright, fanged smile. Calling Jourgensen a rock star is almost an understatement - live he's larger than the stage upon which he's performing, greater than any arena Ministry's music can fill. A gifted song writer and producer, Jourgensen is also the author of his straightforward autobiography, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen. And when someone has already done everything, been everywhere, and become a rock star bigger and shining brighter than some of the best there's ever been - then what next? Well, to become a superhero of course! Jourgensen will be starring in a new comic book series, Ministry: The Devil’s Chord – The Chronicles of Alien F. Jourgensen, due out this summer.

The band has been nominated six times for a Grammy Award, with twelve of their studio albums having hit Billboard’s Top 200 Albums, and five of the band's tracks were Top 20 singles, including “Jesus Built My Hotrod” and “N.W.O.” Ministry has also been featured on several movie and television soundtracks as well including “The Matrix,” “Saw 3” and “Saw IV,” “Wicked Lake” and “Escape From L.A.,” and the TV series, “N.C.I.S.”

There's no doubt that Ministry has left their mark, and even helped to change and evolve both the face and the sound of music over the years. But on to the show...

Filmed primarily at the Vic Theatre in Chicago in June 2012, 'Last Tangle in Paris' will be the final live Ministry release ever. But boy, did these guys go out with a bang! Each and every time the camera pans the audience, there's frenzy and adoration as far as the eye can see.

Speckled with behind-the-scenes footage of Jourgensen and band-mates Michael Scaccia and Sin Qurin (guitars), John Bechdel (keyboards and samplers), Aaron Rossi (drums), and Casey Orr (bass), rehearsals that are just as smoking hot as the live performances, clips filmed in the studio, and one-on-one interviews, including emotional accounts of the passing of Ministry guitarist Mike Saccia - this DVD release would classify as a must-see (and must-own) for any Ministry lover even if it didn't include the phenomenal concert.

The band comes out swinging with “Ghouldiggers,” turns it up another notch (or ten) with the ferocious “No W,” and remains steady for “Senor Peligro.”

And then the hits just keep coming, even with the excepts of interviews and backstage footage between some of the songs, this show flows with a fury like few others. “Lies Lies Lies” is just pumping with its signature groove, then "99 Percenters," "Life is Good," the pulsating "Relapse," "The Last Sucker," "Psalm 69," "NWO," "Just One Fix," and "Thieves." Viewers won't know what hit them after watching this show - it's the kind of concert recording that makes those who were not in attendance wish they had been there, but at the same time this collection is a treasure for Ministry fans and and metal lovers alike. A defining moment in Ministry's history; like a time capsule with power and rhythm.

As a special bonus, the digipak version of this release comprises a Ministry tour retrospective, double audio album with live performances dating back to 2006. Watch it at home then taken it with you on your iPod - this is material you'll play again and again.

Sadly, Jourgensen disbanded Ministry for good in 2013 after the untimely passing of the band’s long-time guitarist Mike Saccia. But fortunately, through this mammoth CD and DVD set, Ministry absolutely isn't gone for good, and will never, ever be forgotten.

The 'Last Tangle In Paris - Live 2012' DeFiBrilLaTouR CD/DVD package and be pre-ordered here.

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