San Antonio Beer Week 2016
San Antonio Beer Week 2016
San Antonio Beer Week Committee

Has it really been a year already? Indeed it has, as this Saturday April 2 sees the kick off of San Antonio Beer Week and runs through Sunday April 10. It's amazing how time flies and more amazing how much has changed in just twelve months. Some breweries have turned another year older, while new breweries have popped up, such as Boerne’s Kinematic Brewing, Mad Pecker and HighWheel Beerworks. More craft beer centric bars have opened up, like The Growler Exchange on Broadway and more existing bars and restaurants have added craft to the beer menu.

It's an exciting time to be in Texas for craft beer fans and even more exiting to be in San Antonio. Although Texas still ranks in the high fortieth percentile for craft beer consumption (a staggering figure for a State that ranks second in overall beer consumption) and San Antonio itself ranks low with craft beer consumption within Texas, this is clearly changing for the Alamo City. What began in 2011 with only five breweries, five days and only five events, has blown up into a celebration with 23 area breweries and brewpubs, 9 days and 90 plus events around the area. Residents are showing they have a huge thirst for small, independent and handcrafted ales and lagers.

As with previous years, area brewers got together to brew a collaboration beer to highlight the close nit beer community in the form of a traditional English Mild Ale. Brewed with local pecans and smoked on pecan wood, this sessionable ale weighs in at around 4% ABV (that's Alcohol By Volume for,those keeping up at home). The fruit of area Brewers collective efforts will be available around town, along with a commemorative beer week glass.

Saturday will most certainly sneak up on you, so check out the official website for a list off all the events and plan your week out. Need a list to carry around? The San Antonio Current will have a printed guide available in this Wednesday's issue, as well as a multitude of venues around town. Make sure to check the website frequently for the most up to date information.

Highlights for the week include the Official San Antonio Beer Week Kick Off Party at Main plaza Saturday from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; the premier screening of ‘Brewed in the 210,' a documentary by local filmmaker Marco Ortega, highlighting area brewers and local business that have contributed to the growth and revival of hand crafted beer in the San Antonio area; and the Official San Antonio Beer Week Closing Ceremonies at the old Lone Star Brewery.

Social media buffs will have the chance to check into the collaboration beer (as well as their favorite craft beer) and show off their San Antonio pride with the popular social media beer platform ‘Untappd’ and earn the Official San Antonio Beer Week badge.