Black Veil Brides
Black Veil Brides

It has been less than two years since the Hollywood based rock group, Black Veil Brides, have released any new music. Now, the five members have teamed up once again to produce new music.

A seven second video was uploaded to the band’s Instagram, which hints at the sound of their new music. Joining the band once again will be Goldfinger frontman John Feldmann.

Two years ago, for the release of their record 'Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones’, marked the first time Feldmann worked with the group. BVB made an official announcement last month that they were in fact back in the studio working on the pre-production of their fifth album.

BVB frontman Andy Biersack told Jaegermeister UK that this will be the first time the band will work at their own pace.

"We've never had an opportunity, in all of our career, to make a record that had some time behind it,” Beirsack said. "Every record that we've done has been a really quick turnaround, and that's not by design - that's because, times being what they are, the record label goes, 'Give us a record now.’ And we go, 'We wanna do this crazy concept record.' And they go, 'Well, you have two months to do it. So good luck with that.' Now, by virtue of the fans, we've got an opportunity to take a little bit of time.”

Aside from working on the fifth BVB album, Biersack is currently working on a solo release with Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin and My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way.