Eric Church continues to battle ticket scalpers from ripping off his fans
Eric Church continues to battle ticket scalpers from ripping off his fans
Universal Music Group Nashville with permission

Eric Church is in what seems to be a never-ending war with ticket scalpers, as he fights to make sure that his fans get to see his concerts at the proper ticket prices and not at a jacked up price by people who purchase masses of tickets. This week, he was back in this war, battling the scalpers who refuse to back down. Taste of Country reported on Saturday that Church has gone to battle once again against scalpers who purchased 2,700 tickets to his Red Rocks show.

Church has back-to-back concerts lined up for Aug. 9 and Aug. 10 at Red Rocks, and when tickets went on sale, he did his due diligence and checked on where these tickets were sold. The way that Church sells tickets to his concerts is by selling them in blocks. This allows him to see where they are going. In this case, he found 2,700 tickets purchased by known scalpers, with 750 seats sold to one known Texas scalping ring.

As he has done in the past, Church cancelled all those ticket sales and put the seats back up for sale to his real fans. This is something that Church has his team do on a regular basis, saying they will always cancel ticket sales to known scalpers and put them back on sale to true fans at the regular prices.

Church then sent out a message, calling ticket scalpers relentless, nefarious, and disgusting. He then said that they will not win, and he will win. It worked. After taking back the tickets from the scalpers and putting them on sale again, the two nights at Red Rocks sold out completely. This is also great news for Church, who calls Red Rocks his favorite place to play.

He is also headlining WE Fest 2016 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, on Aug 4-6, but has less control over those shows, as it is a festival. However, fans who see Eric Church play the concerts that he has control over, there is little doubt that all the tickets will be fairly priced and ticket scalpers won’t see a dime extra for the shows.