Anthrax's 'For All Kings' forthcoming album review
Anthrax's 'For All Kings' forthcoming album review

As a band, Anthrax has become somewhat of a master at providing thriving and deep-cutting thrashy grooves while weaving them together with big hooks and melodies. Not only have they done exactly that on their forthcoming and eleventh studio album, For All Kings, but they've kind of outdone themselves this time around as well.

In no better example of the Gestalt theory, 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,' Anthrax proves this on For All Kings with each part - each member - coming together to help craft an unwavering collection of material that both flows and melds together perfectly. And having been superstructed upon more than three decades of honing their skills, For All Kings is Anthrax at their finest. If you liked Worship Music - you'll love For All Kings, and even if you're new to Anthrax but love heavy, well-constructed metal music - then you'll love For All Kings too.

On every one of the tunes on this disc, Charlie Banante and Frank Bello's rhythm sections are tight and precise, whether whipping up a frenzy with the heavier, thrashier tunes or holding steady for the more solid and melodic sections. Guitarist Scott Ian continues to lead the charge with unparalleled fierce and the crunchy kind of guitar riffs that the band has become famous for. Joey Belladonna's vocal ability is just as much an instrument with this band as the bass, guitar, or drums. Now singing at his finest, Belladonna wields his vocal sovereignty with ease. And lead guitarist Jonathan Donais, making his studio album debut with Anthrax, topped off each of these songs with dominant solos that come lashing out in a crescendo of authority. Taking each already unshakable song and giving it wings, Donais adds additional prominence to an already great band, an integral piece of the puzzle that fits in flawlessly.

For All Kings begins with an Anthrax meets Game of Thrones-esque intro to "You Gotta Believe" setting the tone and pulse, beckoning the listener towards the musical journey they're about to embark upon. Then when the song "You Gotta Believe" bashes it's way out of the box it's goose-bump inspiring. Here we are, new Anthrax that hasn't missed a beat - - - new Anthrax that's in your face and isn't here to f--k around.

There are the two songs from the forthcoming release that fans are already familiar with, "Evil Twin" which fearlessly takes on religious and political extremism, and the iTunes Hot-List hit "Breathing Lightning," which very quickly became a fan favorite once it hit the atmosphere, and those two songs are just a small portion of a treasure trove of first-rate material. From the tunes with larger than life metal harmonies like "Monster at the End," the title-cut "For All Kings," "All Of The Thieves," and "The Battle Chose Us," to some of the more aggressive tunes like "Defend Avenge" and one that's sure to be a fast favorite of those in the pit called "Zero Tolerance" - this is a song that's guaranteed to make thrash lovers lose their minds. And then there's the exceptionally written and arranged, "Blood Eagle Wings," another song that Anthrax lovers are going to fancy for years to come, and would also make a stunning video should the band decide to do so.

Having not strayed from their roots but more so built upon them like a foundation, Anthrax has managed to grow as artists, as songwriters, and of course as phenomenal performers – and it all converges with For All Kings.

For All Kings will be released on February 26 via Megaforce Records. Click here to pre-order yours now.