Review: Granger Smith cruises steady with 'Backroad Song'
Granger Smith

Nothing is stopping Granger Smith, as he has mapped out a massively successful independent career solely on his deep-seated determination, unwavering optimism and, of course, those infectious melodies. For his new single "Backroad Song"—which continues standing tall in the Top 200 of the iTunes Country singles chart, as of this writing on Friday (April 10)—he explores vivid rural imagery to pin together a head-bobbin' good time that is just as good (if not better) than a Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean red-dirt anthem. He might get very little, if any, radio support these days, but that hasn't stopped him from making the music he truly believes in and amassing three million followers in the process. That's an impressive feat, in and of itself.

"Backroad Song" might contain some of the lyrical tropes found in most of today's mainstream country offerings, but Granger sings with such honesty, that the listener can't help but be sucked into his world. "I love the rhythm of an old grey backtop," he sings on the first verse. "33s just whistling by. Steer the wheel one-handed on a two-lane, hugging that line. I got the windows down, no one else around." Then the hook blasts through your eardrums exactly like a worn-down pick-up on a back-road in the heat of summer: it's a breezy piece that is a smooth blend of traditional country and pop polish to delight any music fan. The track serves as the lead-in to his forthcoming 4X4 EP, expected to drop May 4, and simply sets the stage for his superstar career trajectory.

The only downfall for "Backroad Song" is its glossy familiarity to his contemporaries, which might lead to the track failing to generate traction at radio. While his talent is certainly noticeable, he could get lost in the shuffle with such a middling release. Regardless, Smith's vocal chops sit above the production, allowing his voice to breath and release the story with confidence.

Take a look at his equally vibrant lyric video above.

Grade: 3/5

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