The best concerts in Denver for Halloween weekend 2015

Halloween. So much pressure. What are you going to wear? What are you going to do? What are you going to drink? Do you go as something sexy or something chaste? To be fair, we wouldn’t blame you if you said to hell with the whole thing and sat inside to stew in your filth and loneliness as the sounds of mirth and ghouls floated past your window. We suggest, however, that you refrain from exploring that option until you’ve taken a look at the best concerts for the weekend below.

The best concerts this week (for ticket information, click artist name):

Friday, Oct. 30

If it’s a fantastic dance party, you want then it’s a fantastic dance party you’ll get if you head over to the Ogden on night one of Cherub’s two-night stand. The duo will be at the venue with a new live show and a full band that will do Halloween Eve justice.

When the internet was born, some dude somewhere was like, “Can we digitally mashup rap music with other disparate genres into something listenable?” The dudes from The Hood Internet heard that and went ahead and forged a career out of it. Larimer Lounge. Get there.

There is plenty of EDM and DJ sets for the weekend: Beta will host Kill The Noise, Mimosa will play the 30th and the 31st at the Fox in Boulder, and VeggieTales at the Budweiser Event Center. But if none of that is your bag, and you want instruments, indie rock, and the engagement of a live singer and so on, for a mere $13, you can show up at the Bluebird for In The Valley Below.

Unique, mesmerizing, arresting, it's Devotchka at the Boulder Theater for their annual Halloween blowout. Catch them on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday, Oct. 31

So, we have some good news, and we have some bad news. Because you can’t answer, we’ll give you the bad news first. The Red Rocks Halloween show that is a double bill of Mac Miller and Action Bronson is sold-out. Kaputt. Done. Full house. Can’t sit hyeah! The good news, though, is that the rap gods have blessed us on All Hallows' Eve because Mac Miller is booked to play a set at Cervantes later on in the night, with The Grouch & Eligh to boot. Miss out on the waves of young puke at the Rocks for something more intimate.

Cherub night two (see above).

Devotchka again, on the actual night of Halloween.

The Larimer Lounge will be filled with the insanely catchy synth-pop of Small Black, whose name isn’t at all indicative of their sound or appearance. Go figure.

The Larimer Lounge’s sister venue, Lost Lake, will get an infusion of star power, with Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. stopping by for a set that is likely to be raucous, and slightly Strokes-y.

If you’re into Halloween, it is probable that you will be wearing a goofy outfit. If you go to the Bluebird, Con Bro Chill will show up on stage with weird costumes of their own and their bizarre take on glitzy and theatrical YouTube pop. You have a crazy outfit, they wear crazy outfits, it works out for everyone!

Perhaps one of the most intriguing concert options is the one and only T-Pain at City Hall on Broadway for the annual Coloween party. Pain will perform and will also throw down a DJ set, so it’s like double the Pain for the price of one.

Or, if you’re just trying to get a little local rock in, the Hi-Dive has you covered, with Dirty Few and Rootbeer and Mermentau doing their garage rock thing. There will also be a costume contest. The best dressed will go home with $50, or will spend $50 more at the bar, probably the latter. Daylight saving time is ending this weekend, after all.