The Walking Dead's Nick Gomez (Tomas)
The Walking Dead's Nick Gomez (Tomas)
Steven Lebowitz

"The Walking Dead" has returned! After a two month hiatus the hit AMC TV show returned this past Sunday night and fans could not wait to see what has become of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs) and the other survivors after the destruction of the prison. One person who is probably not sorry to see them leave is Nick Gomez who played Tomas, one of the prisoners from season 3.

Nick Gomez only appeared on two episodes of "The Walking Dead" and he made them count. Who could forget how Tomas butchered Big Tiny after Big Tiny got infected and more so, no one will ever forget on how, after a Walker attack, Rick spilt Tomas' head in two with a machete.

I had the opportunity to speak to Nick Gomez at Spooky Empire's last May-Hem event. Despite almost always playing not so nice guys, Nick is a real sweetheart. We spoke about him working with Andrew Lincoln, his favorite moment from the show and how badly his family would like to see him play a good guy for a change.

I see you recovered well from your splitting headache. Yeah, thank you very much. That was quite an ordeal to get over, but I’m back to being whole again.

Did you create any kind of back story for Tomas before shooting started? You know, when we started filming I didn’t really have time because they are so tight lipped with the show. I didn’t even know what character I was playing until the day we started filming. I had a quick twenty minute meeting with the director and the producer and the writer. We talked a little bit about how long we’ve been in the prison and what our relationships were, but I didn’t even really have time to really over think so much about Tomas. We hit the ground running. I didn’t have the chance, it was like, “hit your mark and say your line.”

You had some great moments working with Andrew Lincoln. He was great. Andy is a super, nice guy. One of the nicest actors I ever worked with and really giving. The best thing about it was even when he’s not on camera he is giving 110% performance every single time. It’s not like he’s on the other side of the camera just phoning it in. He’s always committed and always really great.

Do you have a favorite moment from the show? You know, beating Big Tiny’s head into the ground was actually a lot of fun and the guy off camera squirting me with blood for what seemed like five minutes was fun.

You recently did “The Iceman” and were also in “Looper”, is there anything you like better working on a small independent feature over working on a big studio one? You get a little more freedom sometimes. I just did an independent film and you can have a little more input, some of the times. You get a little more freedom to have your own opinions and make your own choices.

On the flip side, is there anything better about working on a studio picture? Uh, lunch is always better. Lunch and craft service.

What are some upcoming project that you have coming up? I have a film coming out called “Runaway Hearts”. I play a not so nice guy tracking down some kids who stole some money from me. It’s a real family film, but again I play the not so nice guy in it. It’s sort of my thing. I did the spoof “The Starving Games” and I recently did a couple episodes of “Dexter”. I played Javier “El Sapo” Guzman. He’s a hit man and also not the nicest guy in the world. I specialize in that I guess.

You don’t get to play the nice guy. I know! My mom and my sister are like, “When are you going to do a romantic lead kind of thing?” I’m like, “I don’t know, Mom. I’m trying. They just keep wanting to kill me.” I guess it’s my face. I don’t know.

What do you love most about acting? When I started, I really loved the free food, but I started when I was a kid. Now, it’s almost kind of like therapy. Every time it’s different. It’s a new place, it’s a new family and a lot of the times I’m playing characters that are not like me at all. So I get to explore expressing myself in a different way that I don’t express myself in real life. I try to be as civilized and a social couth as possible in my real life. So when I’m playing characters that are just completely the opposite, it really is kind of an emotional release. I really dive into that full force.

You can catch new episodes of "The Walking Dead" Sunday nights at 9:00 on AMC. Spooky Empire's May-Hem returns to Orlando May 30-June 1, click HERE to purchase tickets. Laurie Holden is currently one of the guests scheduled to appear.