Tim and Eric with Dr. Steve Brule show in Royal Oak leaves fans happily stunned

It's easy to say that when you tune in or show up to watch Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim perform live or debut a new television show, it's hard to know exactly what you're about to see.

Last night, at the Royal Oak Music Theatre for the first of their two shows at the venue, fans got a lot more than they bargained for, and it was everything that they thought it could have been and much more.

The comedy duo, who are known affectionately as Tim and Eric, have been touring their new live version of bizarro comedy across the country for their 2014 tour since the start of September. With a group like Tim and Eric, and their unflinchingly wonderful sideshow act of Dr. Steve Brule, as performed by the universally-talented John C. Reilly, simply anything is possible. And that's the exciting part about a show like this.

The Royal Oak Music Theatre was the perfect setting for the oddball antics of the show, which jostled between showing video clips from Tim and Eric's new television show, "Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories" (which the audience ate up in perfectly bite-sized segments), to having the performers erupt from the stage and elsewhere in the venue to add an element of spontaneity to the experience.

The crowd itself became an integral part of show, with Tim and Eric playing well off of the occasional inebriated "dingus" who shouted some of the duo's catchphrases one too many times (the Royal Oak Music Theatre serves alcohol to patrons throughout performances). And the two often ventured into the audience to select a few volunteers to suffer a bit of good-natured humiliation and ribbing up on stage (much to the inert pleasure of the "victim").

The very nature of a live Tim and Eric show is an interactive rhythm that the comedians form with each other and their fans while portraying the characters of "Tim and Eric", the bumbling and frenzied hosts just looking to put on a good show and entertain their fans, which, of course, they did in droves. All of this also set the bar high for John C. Reilly, a.k.a. Dr. Steve Brule, who took command of the second act alone on the stage for his portion of the show.

Reilly was enigmatic and cryptic, but altogether perfect, never breaking character, even when a few clueless fans wandered directly up to the stage for photos or called out obscene remarks from the crowd. Dr. Steve Brule handled these "hunks" relentlessly and asked that they "quit drinking too much sour sodas and go directly home", all the meanwhile Reilly never missing a beat as the good doctor.

Nearly a dozen fans in all were called to the stage to participate in the final segments of the show that saw Tim and Eric return alongside Dr. Steve Brule as a pair of beloved characters from their hit T.V. show, "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job!". The performance crescendoed into a series of lackadaisical (wonderfully lackadaisical) songs and dances before the whole gang bid a heartfelt and genuine round of thanks to their fans and left the stage - just as suddenly and wonderfully as they had appeared.

All in all, the show was a completely unique and hilarious experience not likely to be seen again in the likes anytime soon by anyone else other than Tim and Eric. But in the end, why would you bother seeing anything else similar to this? Tim and Eric, and Dr. Steve Brule, just do it all so well.

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