Trey Songz, T.I. release official '2 Reasons' music video

On June 12, American singer-songwriter Trey Songz released the official music video for the song "2 Reasons" on his YouTube channel. The Benny Boom directed music video also features T.I., and consists of the two men sipping on drinks and hanging out with beautiful women in the club. You can watch Trey Songz's official "2 Reasons" music video featuring T.I. in the clip on the left.

The video begins with both Songz and T.I. singing into the camera while in an empty room. The entire music video flashes back and forth between the two men performing in front of the camera, and them at the club. The main hook in the song is, "I only came for the b**tches and the drinks," which is clearly showcased in the"2 Reasons" music video. There is a good number of scenes with Grey Goose vodka being poured, which is a great promotion for the vodka, as Songz currently has a deal with that brand.

The song "2 Reasons" is the second single from his forthcoming album, Chapter V. The first single from the album, "Heart Attack" reached No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard R&B songs chart. The album Chapter V is set to be released August 21, 2012 via Songbook/Atlantic Records.