WWE should have turned Dean Ambrose heel instead of Seth Rollins

WWE tag-team super-group The Shield officially broke up after Seth Rollins smashed Roman Reigns in the back with a steel chair during the most recent episode of "Monday Night Raw" in Indianapolis, according to a June 3 post from Bleacher Report. Plenty of fans in the WWE Universe saw the Shield's breakup coming from a mile away, especially after tension increased between group members over the past few months.

There had been several cracks in the shield heading into the "WWE Payback" special event, which would end up being the group's final night together. During this year's "Royal Rumble," Shield member Dean Ambrose tried to throw Roman Reigns over the top rope, only to have the tables turn on him shortly after. Reigns eliminated Ambrose and his other former Shield teammate, Rollins, towards the end of the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view, but the group would patch things up the following night on "Raw."

However, The Shield came close to breaking up a couple months later at "Elimination Chamber," when Ambrose left Reigns and Rollins to fend for themselves against The Wyatt Family. The Shield lost to The Wyatts that night, but the group once again decided to stay together.

It wasn't until Rollins bashed Reigns in the back with a steel chair that the breakup of The Shield was complete, after a glorious 18-month run as a tag-team in the WWE. The Shield debuted in November of 2012, and quickly emerged into one of the WWE's hottest super-groups. Unfortunately, it now appears Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose are officially done working together.

Rollins, 28, aligned himself with the Evolution tag-team after rocking Reigns with a steel chair on "Raw." He joined forces with Randy Orton and Triple H, replacing the recently departed Batista as the third member in Evolution. Did the WWE make the right decision scripting Rollins to turn heel?

The WWE needed to keep the script fresh by breaking up The Shield, but they clearly should have turned Ambrose heel instead of Rollins. Brash, off-kilter and slimy. That's how most pro wrestling fans would describe Ambrose, a natural villain if there ever was one. Ambrose was the one who tagged himself in at "Elimination Chamber," causing The Shield to get disqualified. Ambrose was also the Shield member who initially tried to eliminate his partner, Reigns, at "Royal Rumble."

Of the three former Shield members, the 28-year-old Ambrose is definitely the one best suited to fill the heel role. Rollins had been one of the top babyfaces in the WWE heading into "Payback," so WWE Universe may not turn against him as easily as they would Ambrose. Rollins is incredibly talented on the mic and in the ring, but Ambrose has a natural ability to draw heat as a villain.