Radiohead and Hans Zimmer collaborate for 'Blue Planet II' track '(Ocean) Bloom'
Courtesy of BBC

Radiohead and composer Hans Zimmer revealed a new collaboration today (Sept. 27), releasing the track "(Ocean) Bloom" for BBC's upcoming docuseries "Blue Planet II." 

For fans of Radiohead, the track will sound familiar as it is a reworking of the song "Bloom" from their 2011 album The King of Limbs.  With this version, the song is stripped of its more techno elements and is instead accompanied with a lush arrangement from the BBC Concert Orchestra.

In an interview with BBC Earth, Zimmer, who composed the score for the original "Blue Planet" docuseries in 2001, explained how he went about collaborating on an existing song. 

"In a funny way, I was trying to be respectful and not ruin the song, if you know what I mean," he said.  "If somebody hands you somebody else's work, there's responsibility and, you know, the respect that comes with that."

In this day and age of witnessing significant climate change and having the U.S. pull out the Paris Climate Accord, for Radiohead's lead singer Thom Yorke, their involvement in this particular project was a no-brainer.  Stated York, "The fact that this TV series is coming out at this moment, I hope, rekindles our love of the oceans and our desire to understanding, really, our relationship to them."

Radiohead's guitarist Jonny Greenwood.commenting on the scope of the docuseries said, "It's good to be optimistic that such amazing work has been done by the BBC and it's something to really be proud of.  It's amazing - all the research has been done and it's a great way to publicize an important cause."

One of the producers of the docuseries, Orla Doherty, explained one of the difficulties of scoring this type of program.  "Making a series about the ocean is a really big ask," said Doherty.  "One of the hardest things is to capture the scale of it. The spectacles that happen in it are enormous. I think we've just about captured it with our images but then we put the collaboration of Radiohead and Hans together, that scale is in the music."

The air date for Blue Planet II, which will air on BBC Americahas yet to be announced.  Like its predecessor, it will once again be narrated by Sir David Attenborough.