Radiohead releases video for unreleased song from 'OK Computer'
Radiohead YouTube

Hidden away since the release of 1997 album OK Computer, Radiohead has finally allowed the track "I Promise" to see the light of day. The band released a new video for the track and in it the acoustic song parallels the feelings of isolation and paranoia thematic throughout OK Computer. The track gets a delightful visual treatment from director Michal Marczak which takes viewers along for a ride with passengers on a late night bus, showing the passengers staring wistfully after the planes coming and going at a nearby airport. By the end of the video, you might be wondering -- are we all just robots? 

Fans looking to hear more surprise delights that didn't make the final OK Computer cut are in for a treat, as Radiohead will be releasing a deluxe version of the album on June 23. The version, titled OKNOTOK, will include two other previously unreleased tracks: "Man Of War" and "Lift." While bootlegs of these songs have appeared online here and there since 1997, this is their only official release. OKNOTOK also brings with it some demo tracks, and a remastered version of the original record.

While there is no guarantee you will hear "I Promise" at any upcoming shows, if you really need to get a Radiohead fix they do have a few shows scheduled this year. The band will be spending the rest of June in Europe, playing such dates as Stockholm's Ericsson Globe on June 9. Following their mainland Europe run, Radiohead will make their way back to their native UK for two shows at Manchester Arena, a festival in Glasgow, and then their final currently scheduled date in Tel Aviv on July 19. US fans will have to hold on a little longer to find out when Radiohead might return to North America, as they just finished up a spring tour in April.