Radiohead is back and shining new light on old blights.
Radiohead is back and shining new light on old blights.
Official album cover art via Radiohead

Radiohead fans rejoice! The band has returned with their first album in five years, A Moon Shaped Pool. The band released a teaser trailer followed by the first single off the album on Tuesday, May 3. On May 6, the guys released another song and new music video for the song “Daydreaming.” Now, earlier today (May 8), the band released the entire new album to their anxiously awaiting fans.

A Moon Shaped Pool is the ninth studio album by the UK rockers and first follow up to their 2011 album King of Limbs. The new album is rife with serious, slow and sparkly tunes that create a lattice of sounds that enfold the listener. With an ethereal and entrancing flow in songs like “Daydreaming” and “Decks Dark,” Radiohead re-establish themselves as the purveyors of enigmatic rock. Since their hiatus, the men of Radiohead have apparently been putting that time to work for them creating the versatile and complex compositions of A Moon Shaped Pool.

“Ful Stop” changes the tempo and breaks up the flow of the record with its heavy bass and bouncy rhythm. With a retro essence, this song feels like a throwback to 90s mod and it’s a catchy break from the twinkling sobriety of the rest of the album. “Glass Eyes” slows things back down and brings back the somberness with an heartrending beauty. “Identikit” comes packing soulful lyrics with an eclectic up tempo and what seems to be some trendy Middle Eastern meets techno-synth infusions.It’s a different kind of song for this album and helps to break up the severity in the later half of the album. It’s mood music that makes you want to move and sway effortlessly.

The crispness of the snare paired with the almost tribal heart of “Present Tense” makes it stand out on the record and changes things up while still meshing well with the ambiance of the album. Closing out the album is “True Love Waits” which has heart unlike any other song on the record. A tinkling orchestration of love and devotion, it sonically ascends the superficiality of most love songs to become the story of two hearts and finding the courage to stay. It’s stunning, beautiful, and heartbreaking. The piano work throughout this entire album is a thing of beauty and only serves to make each track, and the overall record, that much better than the last.

Still sloshing in the waves of transcendence lyrically, spinning yarns about the darkness of life, the sting love, social blindness, and a longing for more, Radiohead has created and opus of eclectic and enchanting creativity that drowns the senses and brings a shimmering light to the darker the corners of our world.