Save the date San Diego, comedian Demetri Martin, Balboa Theatre, February 13

Exceedingly talented, Demetri Martin is among the ranks of those entertainers who, for their own unforgivable reasons, do not often appear in San Diego. Oh, they will vacation here, purchase real estate here, even live here--Arian Foster, Annette Bening--but all regularly fail to perform in America's Finest City. Yet, Demetri Martin, as Hollywood as he is, has acceded to do a show here, on Feb. 13. Go see him. He's fantastic and we want to encourage this kind of behavior and regional loyalty.

Straddling the turn of the century, Demetri Martin enjoyed a significant level of success as a standup comedian. So much so, his talents garnered him his own show on Comedy Central. The ruin of many comedians and careers, Demetri has over come comedy's "Madden Curse" to remain funny and continue getting work. On Feb. 13, he has a gig at the Balboa Theatre. Given Martin's subtlety, persona, delivery and penchant for visuals, this sizable yet not-vacuous venue is ideal.

This man is incredibly talented. In a year he is either going to have another Comedy Central show, or an agent that won't let him play here anymore. Either way, San Diegans who don't want to drive to Santa Monica are going to want to take advantage of this increasingly rare opportunity. His bio says he is "one of the more unconventional stand-up comics on the national circuit," and he can play a "glockenspiel." While redundant, either one of these things make him worth checking out. Throw on top of that how he's super clever, and probably never performing anywhere as close and wonderful as the Balboa Theater ever again.

One word of caution: Demetri Martin is young and has this demure-innocence thing about him which your girlfriend is going to find attractive. Be aware that this is a February 13th show and you will stand a fair chance of having your Valentine's Day ruined by your own jealousy.