'Spines of the Heart' by Bryan Deister similar to Radiohead but holds its own

New album Spines of the Heart by Bryan Deister is a haunting piece that has all the essential ingredients of experimental rock. The songs that tend to be very somber sounding are very similar to Radiohead’s music, particularly from the Kid A album.

From the very first song to the last, the album is very similar to Radiohead’s music. Bryan Deister also tends to sound like Thom Yorke in all the songs of this new album. Despite that aspect, the album is quite interesting and does have a lot of experimental musicianship in it. In the end, the experimental side of it makes the album a nice piece to listen.

Deister is a well trained musician, trained in classical jazz, progressive rock, jazz, and modern music. With all that behind his belt, Deister chooses to write music with a somber and dark tone to it with an experimental rock lick to it.

The music in Spines of the Heart tends to be a little slow, and be possibly be seen a bit boring at times, but it still resonates in one’s head and wanting more of it. It does have this hypnotizing ability which will make listeners want more juice.

This album will only be like by the listeners of this genre though. Fortunately, this genre is very popular, people who love Radiohead and such, and Deister should have a lot of luck with it. Deister claims that he wants to reach a point in writing music without starving. With this album, it should be the beginning of this goal.

The recommended tracks from Deister’s album are “All That I Have” and “Into the Sky.” These two songs are something else. Again, both are very Thom Yorke and Radiohead sounding but still have the ability to be their own unique sound, especially the latter.

To conclude, the album Spines of the Heart by Bryan Deister is quite good. The originality aspect of it is not quite there, but it is something beyond that will please the ear that loves experimental rock or alternative music.