To Whom It May singer/guitarist Jonathan Jourdan and drummer Dexas Villarreal perform Friday night at the Aztec Theatre.
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Jourdan and his bandmates hail from Galveston.
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To Whom It May is supporting its self-titled EP that was released March 6.
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Bassist Robb Marshall in action
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Jourdan belts out some vocals and riffs.
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Villareal does his thing on the kit.
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Jourdan and To Whom It May were the first of four bands on Friday night's bill.
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As if it wasn't difficult enough to be the first of four bands on a bill, Texas trio To Whom It May had the honor befall it at the homecoming show of headliners Nothing More on Friday night. But the Galveston group pulled it off in style, delighting those who wanted to rock hard, heavy -- and early -- at the Aztec Theatre.

Vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Jourdan, bassist Robb Marshall and drummer Dexas Villarreal preceded fellow opening acts Red Sun Rising and Wilson by supporting their self-titled three-song EP that was released March 6. However, the band played much more than three songs during their 30-minute set, setting the tone for the evening by getting the crowd's attention with hard-hitting music and a sense of humor. When Marshall turned his back to the crowd to take a selfie with the good chunk of the "600-800" ticket-buyers (according to a box office staffer), Jourdan said in mock disgust, "Nah, f--- that. Nobody wave."

Unveiling EP tunes "Bypass," "Sick" and "Ghost," To Whom It May is offering fans a chance to set their own price for purchasing the disc via the band's website, at a minimum tag of $4. With more gigs under its belt and more songs eventually being made available to the public, the group is certain to pile up a following that will realize $4 is a steal for To Whom It May's music, even for only three tunes. Much like To Whom It May, the other openers made their forthcoming CDs available at the merch booth, even though in Red Sun Rising's Case their debut album Polyester Zeal doesn't come out until Aug. 7. Wilson's second disc Right to Rise drops June 29.

At one point, Jourdan asked the crowd, "Is it OK if we try something new for you guys? Even though this is probably all new to you?" After the roars of approval, the band offered up its rendition of Radiohead's "Creep."

On a night when the Civil Unrest tour featuring Ill Nino, Straight Line Stitch, Davey Suicide, Motograter and others took place down the street at The Korova while San Antonio's Rain On The Aftermath held its single release party at Fitzgerald's, To Whom It May had the odds stacked against it in more ways than one. The band more than passed the test.

Stay tuned for separate coverage of the other three bands that played the Aztec. Watch an exclusive interview with Nothing More from last fall's Knotfest here.