Anthrax's Happy Hanukkah Crewneck Sweatshirt
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Ghost's Papa Emeritus II Conclave Sweater
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Slayer Pentagram Holiday Sweater
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Pantera Xmas Sweater
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Testament - Ugly Xmas Sweater
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In a very short period of time ugly holiday sweaters have gone from being - well, ugly, cringe-worthy even pieces of clothing you didn't want to go near, to becoming a thing. Many families now have ugly holiday sweater themed parties and some schools even have ugly holiday sweater days for their students, so there's absolutely no reason why metal heads can't have a little fun with the holiday sweater fascination as well. Sure, metal music lovers will normally opt to wear jeans and their personal favorite band tee, but there's nothing wrong with a little cheeky fun around the holidays - particularly if one can incorporate their favorite band into the festivities as well.

Here are some of the best heavy metal sweaters available right now...

Anthrax Hanukkah Sweatshirt

Thanks to our legendary thrash buddies in Anthrax, even those who are not celebrating the Christmas holiday can get in on the fun. Bright and blue with menorahs, dreidels, the Star of David, and of course, the Anthrax logo, the Anthrax Hanukkah Sweatshirt is perfect for any fan of the band, or metal lover who's celebrating Hanukkah.

Ghost Papa Emeritus Conclave Sweater

Ghost has been on fire in 2015 with the release of their third - and simply stellar - album, Meliora. And now you can bring Papa Emeritus with you wherever you go - be it during the Christmas season (while enjoying the irony in that) or in any of the cold weather months with big and bold Papa Emeritus Conclave Sweater.

Pantera Xmas Sweater

The biggest wish to Santa from any Pantera fan would be to have Dimebag Darrell back, but until then at least there's the Pantera Xmas Sweater to help. Adorned with snowflakes, candy-canes, reindeer, and the Pantera logo with words "F--cking Holidays," this is the quintessential Pantera holiday sweater if there ever was one. Pair the sweater with the Pantera beanie complete with a fuzzy pom on top for a fabulous metal holiday look!

Slayer Pentagram Holiday Sweater

Black - of course - with a pentagram and some crosses, some right-side-up (depending who you ask) and some inverted, as well as the Slayer logo, the Slayer Pentagram Holiday Sweater is perfect to wear while thrashing around the tree and blasting their new album, Repentless, in lieu of "Jingle Bells."

Testament Ugly Xmas Sweater

As wicked looking as it is festive - no metalhead can go wrong with Testament's Ugly Xmas Sweater. And the fact of the matter is that with the Testament logo and an evil looking Santa, the ugly factor of this holiday sweater just kind of melts into awesomeness.