The top 10 Alan Jackson songs

One good way to compile the 10 best Alan Jackson songs is to think back on the highlights of his hits-packed concerts. If you've ever seen Jackson live, you'll know what this means; he just sings one good one after another. Jackson also creates fantastic albums, so don't just stick with the hits. Oh, and one more thing; he's one fine, traditional singer.

10. "Livin’ on Love" Jackson sings a lot about love. He's a family man, and he knows how to describe what he values in song. He's been living on love for many years now.

9. "Gone Country" It's been said that Jackson initially wrote this song as a joke. He was describing all the opportunists that were switching to country music. It's now become a kind of standard praise song for the genre.

8. "As She’s Walking Away" There's just something moving about this song Jackson recorded with Zac Brown. It may not be his best, but it just doesn't something for you whenever you hear it.

7. "Who’s Cheatin’ Who" Jackson wouldn't be a true country artist if he didn't do a few cheating songs. This is one of his best.

6. "Drive (For Daddy Gene)" Drawing on memories of being a child when his dad let him drive inspired this song. It's another family thing, which is something he always does so well.

5. "It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere" Just as there need to be cheating songs, there also should be a few drinking songs. This is one of those, 'I need a drink at the end of the day,' songs. It's also a duet with Jimmy Buffet.

4. "Where I Come From" Country artists invariably sing about their roots. Although Jackson doesn't pander, like others do, he nevertheless sings about where he's from with this one.

3. "Don’t Rock the Jukebox" Although this has been praised as a pro-country music song, just because the singer's heart's not ready for the Rolling Stones doesn't mean he doesn't also appreciate that great band's work.

2. "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)" Few artists addressed the aftermath of 9/11 better than Jackson did with this song.

1. "Remember When" Jackson is old enough to look back on many years with the same woman. It's just beautiful the way he sets the scene with this beautiful love song.

Chances are good you'll hear all these fine songs when you see Jackson perform live next. But why wait till then? Create your own concert with this list, instead.